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What are genital warts, Condyloma?

Genital warts or condyloma accumilata  are a very common sexually transmitted infection (STD) that cause bumps on areas such as the vagina, penis, anus ,oral area and scrotum.


HPV, What causes genital warts?

Genital warts , man and woman, are caused by the human papillomavirus / HPV.

You can catch the HPV  through skin to skin contact during vaginal, anal or oral sex.

About 60 types of HPV that can cause genital warts. The types of HPV that cause genital warts are unlikely to cause cancer.

Other types of HPV (12 type)  are associated with cervical cancer, penil and anal cancer.

About 10 in 8 people who have sex with someone infected with HPV  genital warts will catch them.

The  genital condylomas warts will usually appear within 2-10  months of having contact.


Symptoms of genital warts

Genital  HPV warts are usually painless.

Sometimes itchy.

HPV warts can be bumpy flat or appear in clusters.


Genital warts treatment  /  HPV treatment

Condylomas  warts Treatment options include:

             freezing , cryotherapy or burning off

             laser treatment, best method

             Aldara , Veregen cream to boost the immune system to fight the HPV

             Warts surgery

Wart Treatment doesn't get rid of the virus itself  just the warts but your  immune system may clear the virus



Laser treatment for  genital warts can be used on warts anywhere on the genital and venereal warts. Other methods of treatment can be very painful and ineffective.

 Laser genital wart treatment coagulates the wart without creating an open wound

 Condyloma Wart removal with the laser is a breeze.

Laser genital  wart treatment is safe, effective and fast treatment.



No. To remove the genital wart, the laser energy is focused directly on the wart tissue, Also, if needed, topical or local anaesthesia can be administered prior procedure which makes wart treatment painless.



Depending on the number of gnital area warts, as well as their size and location  a typical treatment session runs from 5 to 15 minutes.

Genital HPV  warts may require only one treatment.


How Much Does it Cost to Remove  Genital Warts in İstanbul Turkey.

Safe and Cheap Genital Warts Removal, Local Prices

Best Genital Wart Removal Clinic İn İstanbul / HPV Clinic İstanbul

The cost of genital wart removal is relative. It will depend on several factors  including the method and the clinic where you want to undergo a wart removal treatment.

Also, the number and size of the genital area warts will be considered in determining the service cost.

If you want to try the new wart removal treatments such as laser wart therapy you need to prepare $400

If you have multiple warts in your genital and anal area , this will increase the cost of the  condylomas HPV treatment


Be Careful !!.. Legal and Safe  HPV  Clinic

 Not Certified , No name doctors and fake  clinics and  hospitals  that you might stumble upon on the internet could be a serious risk to your health.
To contact  Op.Dr.Nevra Topal İsmail Oglou /  Turkey İstanbul Mitera Clinic  / english speaking certified female gynecologist / and talk to her personally to get information on all examinations and procedures message on call  0090 532 2619315  on Whatsapp.

Always make contact with your doctor, no matter the speciality, before travelling in for operation,procedures and examination.

MiteraClinic; we are legal and safe OB&Gyn clinic in İstanbul for foreigners and licensed by the Ministry of Health .



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